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2018 Hire Rates

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Belgium Region Information

Early Booking Discount
5% Discount or bookings made more than 120 days before departure
Valid for booking of one week minimum
(Discounts cannot be combined together)

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2018 Seasons
Low Season Mid Season High Season
21 April - 17 May
22 September - 15 October
18 May - 05 July
18 August - 21 September
06 July - 17 August
Belgium 2018 Weekly Rates are in Euros
  Low Season Mid Season High Season
Classic Class
Cat Dep   A B C
Tarpon 32
4/6 + 2 berth
3 780 We/Mw 900 1058 -
Week 1575 1851 2126
Linssen 33.9 AC
4/6 + 2 berth
4   We/Mw 1000 1175 -
Week 1750 2056 2363
Tarpon 37
7/9 berth
4 860 We/Mw 1200 1410 -
Week 2100 2245 2684
5 1200 We/Mw 1600 1880 -
Week 2800 3290 3780
Tarpon 37 DP
4/6 berth
4 860 We/Mw 1100 1293 -
Week 1925 2262 2599
  Low Season Mid Season High Season
Premium Class
Cat Dep   A B C
4 860 We/Mw 1010 1165 -
Week 1740 2010 2398
Week : Friday, Saturday, Monday departure from 4pm / return 9am.
* Weekend / Mini week upon request - maximum 2 weeks before departure.
Weekend from Friday 3pm to Monday 9am
Mini week: from Monday 3pm to Friday 9am can be reserved as of 15/4/18
Liberty cruise package to be paid for directly on site on the day of departure
All our boats are equipped with a bow thruster (1), a bimini and a 240 v converter (bow thruster at the front and back of the Ryna Cruiser 1400).

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Rates, additional charges and conditions are subject to change, and to
currency fluctuation, without notice - Errors and Omissions Excepted

Rates Include:

  • VAT and Navigation and Lock Tax
  • The hire of the boat
  • The hire of the boat
  • Its security equipment
  • Crockery
  • Linen: blankets or duvets, pillows and pillow cases (except on certain models in the budget fleet) - sheets are included on the Premium and Classic fleet only. On the Budget fleet, they are a option.
  • The navigation and lock tax
  • The insurance of the boat
  • A 13kg gas bottle
  • Demonstration of how to operate the boat on the day of departure
  • Demonstration of how to handle the boat and temporary licence on the day of departure
  • Technical assistance 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm

Premium Class Boats include:

  • Cleaning set
  • Tea Towel set
  • Towel set
  • Concierge Service
  • Hotel Service

Rates do NOT Include:

  • Cancellation insurance
  • Food supply
  • Personal insurance for the crew
  • One way fee
  • Car park or garage for a car
  • The waterway map which will be useful for preparing your cruise
  • Bikes
  • Cruise Plus Insurance (damage waiver)
  • The hourly navigation rate which includes gas oil and all technical supplies for the boat
  • * Cleaning of the inside and outside of the boat
  • Cleaning set (except for premium fleet)
  • Tea Towel set (except for premium fleet)
  • Towel set (except for premium fleet) Heating (on some boats **)

* The price varies from 5.19 to 10.95 € / navigation hour by category of boat (price may change with the price of fuel)

** Some Penichette barges and some Tarpon boats in Germany are equipped with heating by oil instead of gas. The additional gas bottle is not supplied on board in this case. The fuel for this heating will be invoiced, the price can vary depending on the price of oil, please contact your agency.

Rental Duration:

  • One Week = 7 Nights.

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 7:00pm
Saturday / Sunday: 9:30am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 5:30pm

Security Deposit:

Cat 2
Cat 3
Cat 4
Cat 5
Cat 6
€ 660
€ 780
€ 780
€ 860
€ 960
€ 1200

Cruise Plus Insurance:
You can take our the Croisiere Plus Insurance, which will reduce your excess to NIL (security deposit is still required as normal). The Cruise Plus Insurance is priced by Boat Category (which can be found on the rate table next to the boat name). The prices for each category are:

Cruise Plus Insurance Amounts are in Euros
Cat 2
Cat 3
Cat. 4
Security Deposit
Weekend 2 days
Additional Day

Hourly Navigation :

Cat 2
Cat 3
Cat 4
Cat 5
Cat 6
Per motor hour
€ 5.19
€ 6.25
€ 7.25
€ 8.40
€ 9.15
€ 10.95

Cancellation Insurance:
Cancellation Insurance can be arranged - The amount of the cancellation insurance fee for the guarantee to cancel the cruise is 4% of the total rental price.

One Way Cruises:

One-way : (extra charge for taking back the boat to another base, different from the start base The direction and the departure point of a one-way cruise are confirmed only 10 days before departure, because of many unpredictable events. One-way cruises are not available for a fleet of more than 2 boats at certain bases.Note: * Special prices in Pays de Loire : contact us

There is a fee charged on departure for one-way cruises :

One Way Charges
Boat Category
1 & 2
4 & 5
€ 70
€ 90
€ 110
€ 130
Germany & Italy
€ 100
€ 100
€ 100
€ 100

Base Schedules:

  • Week Days
    Day of Departure:
    Departure Day: every day of the week, depending on the base
    Ireland: departure every day except on Sunday
    Poland: boarding on Sunday
    The Netherlands : Friday to Friday or Saturday to Friday

    Arrival and Boarding:
    Arrival from 3 pm
    Boarding and explanation between 4 pm and 7 pm
    Poland: on Sundays at 12 noon
    The Netherlands : from 2pm on Friday or 9am on Saturday

    Return day+7 at 9 am
    Poland on Saturdays at 12 noon
    The Netherlands : return at 10 am or 3pm on Friday (for the weeks with departures on saturdays)

  • Week End
    Day of Departure:
    Saturday morning (or Friday evening depending on availability,
    to be confirmed one week before departure)

    Arrival and Boarding:
    Arrival and boarding between 10 am and 11 am (Fridays between 4 pm and 7 pm)
    Redon, Friday at 3pm
    Italy, Friday at 3pm (on request)

    Return Monday morning at 9 am

  • Mini Week
    Day of Departure:
    Departure on Monday

    Arrival and Boarding:
    Arrival from 3 pm
    Boarding and explanation between 4 pm and 6 pm
    Italy: between 3 pm and 6 pm (on request)

    Return on Friday at 9 am

Crew Uniforms:
On request, we can deliver on board your boat a captain’s peaked cap T shirts or striped long-sleeved T shirts, embroidered with each crewmember’s name.

Car Parking:
Free parking of your vehicle will be possible in many bases. It is often possible to get a locked but uncovered car park (an additional charge is requested).

Concierge Service:
(included on the Premium fleet)
Beneit from a personalized service with a bilingual agent at your service from Monday to Saturday, from 9:30am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm. He will follow up on your booking, book your transfers from the airport or the base, taxi, but also visits to the museum, restaurants, and even manage your particular demands (delivery of champagne...)

Hotel Service:
(included on the Premium fleet)
Opt for the hotel service. When you arrive onboard, your beds will already be made, the towel set and the cleaning kit will be laid out in the boat.

12V Converter:
With this converter, plug into the cigar lighter socket and charge up your low power devices such as your camera or your mobile phone (maximum power 300 Watts)

Renting a BBQ, Plncha (grill plate) or a Plancha Table:
What could be friendlier than to end a day of cruising around a barbeque (or a plancha). Be careful; if you rent a barbeque, do not forget your charcoal.

Your animal is welcome onboard, however, you will be responsible for its behaviour. Moreover, we ask you not to use the bedding or the kitchen utensils for it. In certain bases, an extra contribution will be requested.

Extras and Services:

Price in Euros & Includes VAT
12V Converter
Free of Charge
BBQ (grill plate)
€30.00 per week / WE/MW
€6.00 per day ( adult & children)
Locked and closed car park but uncovered
€25.00 per week / €30.00 WE/MW
€45.00 per week / €15.00 WE/MW
Waterway Map
Green cleaning set
(washing up liquid, toilet paper, 2 bin bags, 2 sponges, 2 soaps, 1 box of matches)
€8.90 per set Free of charge on the Premium fleet
Tea towel set (set of 3 pieces)
€2.00 per set Free of charge on the Premium fleet
Towel set (1 bath towel+ 2 towels)
€6.00 per set Free of charge on the Premium fleet
Concierge service
quote for specific resuests. Included on the Premium fleet
Hotel Service
€10.00 per person Free of charge on the Premium fleet
Deck Chairs
€10.00 per week . Free of charge on the Premium fleet
Internet Access
Available at base & possibilty of renting a 3G Key
Photo Album / Video
Let us take care of your holiday memories;
we will create the album or video of your cruise - On Request
Simple or embroidered polo
€16 / polo - €5.00 / embroidery
Sleeping kit (2 sheets + 2 pillow cases)
€7.00 per set included on the Premium fleet
Beds made at your arrival
€3.50 / bed. Included in the Premium fleet

Service of the Premium and Mediterranean Fleet:

  • Skipper - €230.00 per day He steers the boat, he shows you how to steer and how to handle the boat, he plans your stopovers
  • Hostess - €190.00 per day She manages the food supply, helps you to prepare the meals and can be your baby siter
  • Cook - €210.00.00 per day He cooks, goes shopping and prepares your cocktails.

Bow Propeller:
Some boats in some bases are equipped with a bow thruster. This consists in a propeller placed in the bow of the boat, which allows you to steer the bow sideways. This bow thruster facilitates your maneuvers greatly. However, its use is delicate, particularly on a canal where the risk of haling in weed and stones along the banks is important. In case of fault in the engine during the cruise, it is often impossible to fix. In this case, the stay will end with no bow thruster.

If the client requires the bow thruster to be fixed during the stay, it will be at his expense. Because of the cruising hazards, it is possible that the boat you initially hired, with a bow thruster, is not available on the day of departure. In this case, it will be preduced on the base of a set price: € 10 reimbursed per day where the bow thruster is broken during the stay.

Inland Waterways Map:
There is a board book on every boat, which gives you information on navigation. However you can order an inland waterway map in advance (when you book the boat) if you wish to prepare your cruise. You can have a map for every waterway. Important : for some routes, you will need 2 maps. For example for the one-way trip Pontailler-sur-Saône/Digoin, 2 maps are necessary: the Centre Canal and the Saône river. Price: EUR 22

Premium Fleet:
distinguishes itself from all the others. You will find the most comfortable, elegant and spacious boats with special services such as : each cabin with shower and WC's, DTT and terrestrial TV with flat screen and DVD player in the lounge, freezer, hood , dish washer, coffee machine, toaster, electric juicer, air conditioning, bow thruster, 220V, double steering position, wooden deck furniture with integrated plancha (grill plate), full hotel service, towels, tea towels and green cleaning set.

NEW: concierge service: benefit now from a trilingual agent, at you service from Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm. This agent will follow-up on your booking, will book your transfers from the airport or from the train station to the base, but will also book your excursions, your restaurants and will take care of supplying your boat.

Low Cost Fleet:
This fleet allows you to discover canal boating thanks to its low price. The boats are often older with a more basic level of interior fittings. Bedding is not included ! Bedding, towels and tea towels can be hired at the departure base. A cleaning set is also on sale at the base.

Classic Fleet:
This fleet includes all the boats typical of canal boating. Easy to handle and traditionally shaped, these are the perfect boats for family holidays. Linen is part of the rental (blanket, sheets, pillow cases and pillows). Towels and tea towels can be hired at the departure base. A cleaning set is also on sale at the base.

Access Fleet:
This fleet is made of boats that have the certificate “Tourisme et Handicap” and are specially equipped to make them wheelchair accessible for one or two wheelchairs.

Heating and AC:
- All boats are equipped with forced air heating. This is an element of comfort to warm up the inside of the boat. However, it does not maintain a constant temperature.
- Air conditioning : This option, often limited to the lounge is an element of comfort that can cool the atmosphere by several degrees, 2 or 3 maximum, rather than maintain constant temperature, whatever the outside temperature.
- The Tarpon 49 Quattro Prestige, Tarpon 42 Trio Prestige and Tarpon 37 Duo Prestige have air conditioning in the lounge.

- There is no standard length and width of berth for boats. The average length is 1.90m but in some cases may be limited to 1.83m.
- Double berths : they are on average 1.40m wide, but can be reduced to 1.15m
- Single berths : they are on average 0, 80m, but in some cases they can be reduced down to 0.65m.
- Coffin berth: berths named “coffin berth” have a low ceiling, with less than 1m between the mattress and the ceiling.
- Convertible seat in lounge or dinette.

Cleaning Service:
to be paid before embarking (unless final cleaning or Liberty Cruise Pack have been purchased).

Cat 2
Cat 3
Cat 4
Cat 5
Cat 6
Interior cleaning deposit
€ 40
€ 50
€ 80
€ 95
€ 110
€ 140
Exterior cleaning deposit
€ 30
€ 40
€ 45
€ 55
€ 65
€ 75
Interior & Exterior cleaning deposit
€ 70
€ 90
€ 125
€ 150
€ 175
€ 215
To be paid before embarking (unless final cleaning or Liberty Cruise Pack have been purchased).
Final Interior & Exterior cleaning
€ 60
€ 77
€ 108
€ 129
€ 149
€ 183

Fishing Licence:
A fishing permit (tax) is usually requested to fish in canals and rivers. You can get in some bases. Price : € 30. Do not forget to book it before departure

Cancellation Conditions:

If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your booking, send a letter of explanation to the hirer as soon as possible. A cancellation fee according to the following scale will be charged.

More than 8 weeks prior to departure
€ 200 cancellation fee
Between 4 - 8 weeks prior to departure
60% of hiring fee
Less than 4 weeks prior to departure
100% of hiring fee
These fees can be refund in case the boat is rented once more. The cancellation fee (€ 150) are not refundable.

All Year Discounts

Long Term Discounts
8 to 14 Days - Receive a 5% Discount
15 to 21 Days - Receive a 10% Discount

Couples Discount
Receive a 10% Discount - 2 adults with or without children, valid on all boats from a one week minimum rental.

Boats Discounts
5% Discount when 2 boats are cruising together
10% Discount when 3 or more boats are cruising together
For all bookings for minimum 1 week long

Please note:
All discounts can be added up without exceeding 15% for minimum one week bookings, and 10% for less than one week bookings


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