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Burgundy: Saone, Seille Region Information
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Departure Bases & Suggested Routes in Burgundy: Saone, Seille:
Louhans | Pontailler sur Saone
Cruise in Burgundy: Saone, Seille

Burgundy / Franche-Comte - The Saone River
There are so many different routes from Pontailler-sur-Saone! You can either travel along the Saone River or the Petite Saone and cruise freely along due to its limited number of locks. There is also the canal du Bourgogne or the Doubs River, or you can even sail along the Canal de la Marne a la Saone!

These canals and rivers are often shaded by oaks and willows, and lined with reeds. Here you can sometimes glimpse the grey herons, kingfishers or wild ducks that live there in peace. Another bonus of this region is the local cuisine and wines which are well worth a taste.

Bresse bourguignonne - Seille
The Seille River, a tributary of the River Saone, is a superb river which runs through the Bresse Bourguignonne home of the famous chicken "Poulet de Bresse". There you can discover the quiet charm of it wetlands and it half-timbered houses before continuing on to La Truchere. Here the river will take you through a wildlife reserve created in 1980.

This reserve is a mosaic of different natural environments such as marshy ponds, bogs and dunes covered with lichens and moss. From La Truchere the river continues on to Louhans, a vibrant and picturesque city. Its main street is lined with 157 arcades and frontages dating from the 16th century and every Monday there is a famous farm market. Another option is to travel along the Saone River from La Truchere and then onto the Sanenay or Macon vineyards for some wine tasting!