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Mayenne Anjou - Pays de la Loire Region Information
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Departure Bases & Suggested Routes in Mayenne Anjou - Pays de la Loire:
Angers | Chenille Change | Chateauneuf-sur-Sarthe | Daon | Le Mans
Cruise in Anjou - Pays de la Loire

The Anjou is a region rich in history
The various rivers, Mayenne, Sarthe and Oudon, offer more than 300km of navigation. Here you have the opportunity to cruise through wooded landscapes and explore towns such as Laval, with its castle that towers above the river, or Angers, the town of the powerful King Rene of the 15th century. You can also visit Le Mans, known for car racing, Solesmes and its Beddictine Abbey, or Sable, where you can savour its delicious shortbread cookies.

The River Mayenne is one of the most beautiful rivers in France. The river is wilder to the North between Laval and Mayenne. To the South between Daon and Angers, the landscape is flat and there are more charming villages to be found(Chenille Change, Le Lion d'Angers, etc). This will give you a chance to ride your bike along the towpath as it is flatter and thus less tiring.

The river Sarthe joins the river Mayenne near Angers. A visit to the Abbey of Solemes is a must, as is Malicorne-sur-Sarthe, which is known for its china, and no one can miss Le Mans, of course.

4 five good reasons to head west, towards Mayenne:

  • Little or no waiting at locks
  • A very friendly population, friendly population, eager to share its heritage, with the tourists
  • A restored towpath, along the Mayenne river to Angers
  • The possibility to swim and rent a Stand up paddle for new sensations!