France Passion - Classic Fleet
Haines Rive 34 - 4/6 Berth
- 3 Cabins
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Boat Layout
Key Features
This fleet includes all the boats typical of canal boating. Easy to handle and traditionally shaped, these are the perfect boats for family holidays. Linen is part of the hire (blanket, sheets, pillow case and pillow). Towels and kitchen cloths can be hired at the departure base. A cleaning set is also on sale at the base.
  • 3 cabins
  • 2 showers / 2 WC
Technical Specifications
  • Forward cabin: the choice between two single berths or a double berth
  • Rear cabin: the choice between two single berts or a double berth
  • Lounge: seat convertible to a double berth
  • Length : 10.50 m
  • Beam : 3.77 m
  • 2 cockpits
Mooring ropes - life buoy - boathook - mooring - spikes - hammer - anchor - fenders - 10l bucket - water hose - gangplank

Safety equipment
First Aid kit - instruction manual - life jackets - fire extinguisher

Domestic equipment
Ashtray - Broom - Cloths - Dish scrubber - Coat hangers - Dust pand and brush - WC Set - Clothes pegs - Wash basin - Bin

Glasses - wine glasses - soup plates - dinner plates - dessert plates - bowls - coffee cups - dishes - salad bowl - coffee pot - filter holder - water jug - knives - forks - spoons - salad servers - juicer - tea pot.

Table mat - bread basket - plastic box - tin opener - bottle opener - corkscrew - vegetable knife - carving knife - ladle - skimmer - wooden spoon - carving board - pan - lid - frying pan - salad spinner - cooker or pot - sieve.

Bolsters or pillows – bolster or pillow cases – sheets– blankets or duvets.

Converter 12 v / 220 v
To plug into a cigarette lighter socket (max 100 watts) to load mobile phone or photo camera. Lots of boats have one.
Some others have a shore supply.

- All our boats have a sink, a gas stove with one or 4 burners
- Most of our boats have an oven (except Fred 700, Riviera 750, Linssen, New Concorde, Triton 1060 Handy, Brekken 750).
- Kitchen hood available on our boats Tarpon.
- All our boats have a fridge (gas or electric) with a capacity from 40 l to 220 l by size of boat. Some of them have a freezer.

Sanitary equipment, shower, WC
- All our boats have at least one washbasin. Some have one inside each cabin. .
- All our boats have at least one shower (except Relcraft in Spain). Some have several.
- All our boats have WC and some have more than one. They can be outside the shower.

Steering position
All our boats have a steering position inside. Some have a position inside and out.

Available in the following regions