France Passion - Premium Fleet
Tarpon 37 Duo Prestige - 4/6 Berth
- 2 Cabins
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Boat Layout
Available from these bases
Burgundy: Chatillon en Bazois, Digoin, Pontailler sur Saone, Louhans
South: Carnon, Agde, Homps, Carcassonne, Colombiers
Belgium: Eeklo
Germany: Furstenberg
Key Features
This fleet consists of all the most comfortable, elegant and spacious boats which have special services on board such as a bike rack, a flat screen, a DVD player in the lounge, wooden deck furniture with integrated Plancha on the rear deck, complete linen set (two towels and one bath towel per person), kitchen cloths and a cleaning set.
  • Two cabins
  • Rear cabin: choice between two singles berths or one double berth
  • Forward cabin: one double berth
  • Lounge: seat convertible to a double berth.
Technical Specifications
  • two showers (+ outdoor shower: Germany, Burgundy, Alsace and some boats on the Canal du Midi) / two washbasins / two electric WCs.
  • Air conditioning is available in the lounge (except in Germany)
  • Bow propeller
  • Converter 220V
  • dishwasher (except in Germany)
  • Length : 11.06 m
  • Beam : 3.90 m
  • Minimum Height :
    - in the lounge cabin : 1.97 m
    - in the cabins : 1.86 m
  • Steering wheels : inside and outside
  • Water tank : 600 litres
Mooring ropes - life buoy - boathook - mooring - spikes - hammer - anchor - fenders - 10l bucket - water hose - gangplank

Safety equipment
First Aid kit - instruction manual - life jackets - fire extinguisher

Domestic equipment
Ashtray - Broom - Cloths - Dish scrubber - Coat hangers - Dust pand and brush - WC Set - Clothes pegs - Wash basin - Bin

Glasses - wine glasses - soup plates - dinner plates - dessert plates - bowls - coffee cups - dishes - salad bowl - coffee pot - filter holder - water jug - knives - forks - spoons - salad servers - juicer - tea pot.

Table mat - bread basket - plastic box - tin opener - bottle opener - corkscrew - vegetable knife - carving knife - ladle - skimmer - wooden spoon - carving board - pan - lid - frying pan - salad spinner - cooker or pot - sieve.

Bolsters or pillows – bolster or pillow cases – sheets– blankets or duvets.

Converter 12 v / 220 v
To plug into a cigarette lighter socket (max 100 watts) to load mobile phone or photo camera. Lots of boats have one.
Some others have a shore supply.

- All our boats have a sink, a gas stove with one or 4 burners
- Most of our boats have an oven (except Fred 700, Riviera 750, Linssen, New Concorde, Triton 1060 Handy, Brekken 750).
- Kitchen hood available on our boats Tarpon.
- All our boats have a fridge (gas or electric) with a capacity from 40 l to 220 l by size of boat. Some of them have a freezer.

Sanitary equipment, shower, WC
- All our boats have at least one washbasin. Some have one inside each cabin. .
- All our boats have at least one shower (except Relcraft in Spain). Some have several.
- All our boats have WC and some have more than one. They can be outside the shower.

Steering position
All our boats have a steering position inside. Some have a position inside and out.