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March 2017 Specials

  • Lates - 20% off March, April (8 - 15th Apr 15%), May departures - min 3 nights.
    (Not valid on Horizon)
  • Bargain Boats - Save 15% on Grand Classique, Continentale, Crusader, Salsa A & B, Caprice & Tango June to October - Min 7 nights
  • Cultured Cruising - Save 15% on Belgium, Thames, Brittany, Burgundy (Not valid on Horizon) - min 7 nights
  • Canal du Midi - Save 10% off July & August (Not valid on Horizon) - min 7 nights

    Please note all offers are valid until 31st March 2017
    and are combinable up to 15%, terms & conditions apply.
2018 Early Bird Discount
Book Early and Save up to 15% on departures in 2018
15% Discount on 1 to 4-star boats
5% Discount on 5-star boats (Excluding Horizon)
Must book before 31st August 2017

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Available Boats for England
Please Contact us for Rates

Capri TS
2+1 Berth

4 Berth

4+2 Berth

4+2 Berth

4+2 Berth

Royal Mystique
4+2 Berth

6 Berth

6 Berth

6+2 Berth

6+2 Berth

6 Berth

8 Berth

Classique Star
8+2 Berth

8+2 Berth

Rates Include:

  • A fully equipped boat
  • Towels and linen for all passengers
  • Boat handling demonstration
  • Technical support 7 days/week
  • On board cruising information

Rates do not Include:

  • Transfers to / from the base
  • Fuel
  • Fuel Deposit (EUR 220 - 300)
  • Damage Waiver
  • Compulsory Extras & Optional Extras
  • Personal Holiday or Cancellation Insurance

Calculating Seasons:
The hire price is determined by the departure date according to the tariff periods above. If your cruise covers 2 tariff periods, the price will be calculated pro rata taking the number of nights aboard in each period. A full week includes 7 nights aboard.

Anchor Rating System
Le Boat gives an anchor rating of between two and five to each boat to offer an idea of how affordable or luxurious the vessels are.

Boats with a two-anchor rating are ideal for those on a small budget, as they are the cheapest to hire whilst offering all of the basic functionality you might need. The more anchors a boat has, the more features and space it boasts.


One Way Cruises:
One Way Cruises are available on request between bases, with a minimum of one week. An additional fee of € 100 applies for all one way cruises. If you have parked your car at the start base, this can be transfered to the end base for a fee of € 125 (with the exception of rental vehicles). Please note that although seldom changed, Even if accepted by LE BOAT, this service can never be guaranteed due to unexpected events or force majeure (e.g. cancellation of the previous or the following customer). LE BOAT therefore can change the direction of the one-way cruise or demand an out and back cruise from the hirer, with no impact on the validation of the contract. Please contact us 2 days before departure to confirm the direction of the cruise.

Fuel Charges & Fuel Deposit
Fuel is charged according to market rates and is subject to fluctuations in diesel prices. At the time of going to press, the hourly fuel charge is £4.50-£9/€5-€13 depending on boat type and usage, but could have since changed. In France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Italy, Le Boat charges for fuel according to the amount of hours the engine has been running. At the start of your cruise you will be informed how much the hourly charge will be and the current engine hours on your boat will be agreed and recorded with you. In Ireland, England and Scotland Le Boat charges fuel by the litre. At the start of your cruise your boat will have a full tank of fuel and you will be advised by the base staff how much your fuel will cost per litre. Before departing the base you will be required to leave a Fuel Deposit payable locally in local currency. At the end of your holiday you will either pay an additional fuel cost to cover the amount of fuel actually used, or you will be due a refund if your fuel consumption is less than the deposit paid.

To allow for additional cleaning, a supplement of $70 per pet is charged to take a maximum of two pets on board our boats. You are required to bring a basket/blanket for pets to sleep on and to refrain from letting pets lie on bedding or settees. Please do not leave pets unattended on your boat. If despite paying the pet cleaning supplement the base manager feels extra cleaning is required on the return of your boat, you will be asked to pay an additional boat cleaning fee. 

Long Cruises:
Cruises of 9 days, 10 days and 11 days are available from all bases. This is priced based on the number of nights you wish to take.

Priority Boarding and Late Checkout:
NEW early check-in times are between 11:00-12:00 and after 14:00hrs; late check-out remains the same (12:00hrs). Customers now have even longer on the waterways! This service is subject to request and an added fee of EUR 145 for each will apply. Please contact us for details.

Collision Damage Waiver:
We encourage all customers to take great care not to damage their boat, or that of anyone else, while on holiday. All customers must pay either a non-refundable Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or a refundable Damage Deposit. With the CDW you will be fully covered i your boat is returned damaged, or if there is any accidental damage or injury to third parties. Our CDW rates vary from $126 - $357 depending on boat type and duration. The refundable Damage Deposit will be used if your boat is returned damaged or if there has been any accidental damage or injury to thir parties. The refundable Damage Deposit varies from $1620 - $3250 depending on boat type. Neither the CDW nor the refundable Damage Deposit covers loss or theft of, or damage to items of boat equipment or inventory. The replacement cost of any items of boat equipment or inventory will be charged for separately. Please see our terms and conditions for mor details.

All boats are fully covered for damage and damage to other property or vessels, with a damage excess of €1500 per incident. The following damage waiver options are available: (Please note: insurance options below do not covers bikes).

  • Option 1: a non-refundable collision damage waiver (CDW) which can be paid on arrival or at the time of booking. CDW rates are listed within this pricing sheet. With this option you will be fully covered if the boat is returned damaged, or an accident has resulted in its loss, as well as costs of any accidental damage or injury to any third parties. This will not be the case if there is evidence of gross neglect, which is excluded from our cover under our insurance policy. Loss of or damage to any item of inventory or boat equipment will be charged at a replacement cost, details of which are available at our bases. These charges do not alter the Hirer’s potential liability outlined in Clause 7 – Insurance.
  • Option 2: a refundable damage deposit which is to be paid in local currency at the base upon your arrival by either credit card or cash deposit. The deposit which varies according to boat type/duration of holiday (approximately $1,530-$2,925) will only be retained in part or in full if the boat is returned damaged or an accident has resulted in its loss, as well as costs of any accidental damage or injury to any third parties. This damage deposit will be the extent of your liability in respect of any damage to the boat except where there is evidence of gross neglect in which case you will be expected to cover the full extent of any repair costs. Loss of or damage to any item of inventory or boat equipment will be charged at a replacement cost, details of which are available at our bases. See Clause 14. Single sex bookings are required to pay the refundable damage deposit to encourage duty of care.

Personal Insurance:
Le Boat’s insurance does not cover the Hirer’s personal belongings and we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover yourself against any possible risk. Le Boat or your travel agent offers a travel insurance scheme, details of which can be obtained from the sales teams or our website. Please note you must have travel insurance either with Le Boat’s provider or by arranging a policy yourself which provides comparable or greater cover under all sections.

Departure and Return:
Departures in France take place on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.
Vessels are available from 4pm on the day of departure, and must be returned by 9am on the return day.

Driver and Passenger Requirements:

Hirers must be over 18 years of age.
The minimum number of people required to hire a boat is 2 adults. The number of passengers on board may not exceed the maximum amount of passengers the boat is licensed.

Cancellation and Amendment Fees:

  • More that 70 days prior to pick up: 40% ( Deposit payment)
  • 70 - 43 days prior to departure: 60% of total rental
  • 42 - 15 days prior to departure: 80% of total rental
  • 14 days and under prior to departure: 100% of total rental
  • Amendments: €50 fee applies

Should you request a major alteration within 10 weeks of departure date (such as a change of date or area) or if you want to amend your holiday departure date to a date not within the current year then this will be treated as a cancellation and re-booking.

General Discounts

General Discounts & Special Offers

Family Holidays (Child Discount )
Save 5% Discount when you travel with children
Child must be under 16 years old on the last day of the holiday.

Group Booking Discounts
Available on the whole fleet
- 2 Boats = 10% Discount
- 3 Boats = 12.5% Discount
- 4 Boats = 15% Discount
- 5 Boats = 17.5% Discount
- 6 Boats = 20% Discount
Please note: available on 1 - 4 star boats only

Loyalty Discount
Consider yourself part of the Le Boat family.
Save $140 on holidays of 7 or more nights and $70 on holidays of 3-6 nights.

Bargain Boats
Save 15% on Caprice, Continentale, Crusader, Grand Classique,Salsa A & B & Tango boats.

Short Breaks
You can book a short break cruise at any time for selected departures. Short breaks are also possible on selected boats during the summer season and can be booked up to 4 weeks before departure.

3 Nights = 55% of weekly price
4 Nights = 65% of weekly price
5 Nights = 75% of weekly price

Specials can be combined to a Maximum of 15%
   Please Note: All 5 Anchor Boats are excluded from all offers.