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Departure Bases & Suggested Routes in Charente:
Cruise Hire in Charente

Canal boating holidays in Charente: shimmering water and light. Long and winding, the Charente River that King Francois I classified as the "finest river in the Kingdom" crosses the former Angoumois and Saintonge provinces. Its ancient vines, planted by the Romans, stretch along the banks on either side. The presence of the Charente River encouraged the wine business and helped to make Cognac and Pineau des Charentes famous all over the world.

Pass wine warehouses and distilleries on route with many offering visits and tastings along your route. Nevertheless, these famous vines are not the region's only attraction: the historical mark left by the Romans, the religious heritage (many Roman churches), Charente's cuisine based on seafood such as mussels and oysters and excellent fishing opportunities will also make this boating holiday unforgettable!

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