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Index of all hirers of self-drive boats on the inland waterways of the Mecklenburg Lakes in Germany.

Central point of the Mecklenburg Lake region is Lake Müritz, which one cannot cross without a navigation permit. To the West of Lake Müritz runs the Müritz-Elde Canal with a length of 200 kilometers and less than 10 locks, leading to the River Elbe in the South. The North branch leads to the Schwerin Lake. All of these waterways can be navigated without permit.

South-East of Lake Müritz lies a kaleidoscope of 300 interconnected lakes, of which many are navigable. Further down South follows the Obere Havel canal, which can be navigated up to the cit of Zehdenick. Those who own a permit can continue their cruise through the Oder-Havelkanal and the Havelkanal to the city of Berlin.

Canal Boat Holidays - Great Service and Competitive Quotes - Book your European Canal Boat Hire Holiday in Germany. Germany River Bases include Jabel, Marina Wolfsbruch and Potsdam.

Anna Blume Bootcharter - South West of Lake Müritz, Mecklenburg
The north-east of Germany is one of the most beautiful and largest water sports areas in the world. In Brandenburg and Mecklenburg, clear rivers wind their way through untouched, natural landscapes. Countless lakes entice you with their crystal clear water and quiet inlets to drop anchor. Romantic old towns invite you to spend time wandering around. And in the middle is Berlin, which you can discover from the water in a totally unique way.

You can enjoy your dream boating holiday on one of our comfortable and stylish yachts, for two to six people.Our open "sloops" from Holland are ideal for days trips through Berlin. We can even provide you with a skipper if you prefer to be driven. Anna Blume Boat Hire's friendly crew will welcome you with open arms and take the necessary time to prepare you for your trip. You will receive full instructions but we are also there for you if you need us when out and about.

Bootscharter Jorg Malow - East of Lake Müritz, Waren
Boating holidays on the Mecklenburg lake district with a yacht charter boat and yacht charter Malow in Waren Müritz, Mecklenburg Vorpommern. Boat rentals in the city port of goods Müritz and at the port Lenzer.
Hire craft, no permit boats, yachts, houseboats. Group rides of up to 25 people. Experience the beautiful Mecklenburg Lake District during a boating holiday.

France Passion Plaisance - Lubz, Potsdam & Rheinsberg
The regions of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommen offer a succession of superb lakes connected by rivers and canals. These regions are a marvel of nature as much for the purity of their waters as for the great variety of fauna and flora. Enjoy cruising on one of the largest inland waterway spaces in Europe! Remember: bring your binoculars!

The base is located in Rheinsberg, a city on the shores of Lake Grienerick, near the magnificent castle and its park, the academy of music and opera house. Lake Stechlin, renowned for its clear water, offers a 12m deep underwater view, to the delight of divers who relish this unforgettable experience. With the navigation certificate obtained from theoretical and practical instruction, boat lovers can delight in the fabulous experience of living on the water, without needing an existing boat licence. This certificate is however not valid from Zehdenick towards Berlin.

Le Boat Canalboat Hire - Jabel, Marina Wolfsbruch, Potsdam
The crystal clear waterways of the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg waterways make them perfect for a boating holiday combined with swimming and watersports.
Situated in the north east of Germany, the beautiful network of lakes and canals of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg form an idyllic cruising area. Noted for its clean air and waters, this area is as popular with boating and watersports enthusiasts as it is with nature lovers.

Impressive nature reserves are home to an abundance of flora and fauna, and the surrounding forests, moors and green pastures are perfect for picnics, countryside walks and bicycle rides. Splendid lakeside houses and Baroque castles punctuate the landscape and offer a glimpse into the aristocratic lifestyles of bygone eras. Try your hand at kayaking or sailing on the magnificent Lake Müritz or simply enjoy cruising at your leisure, stopping for a glass of refreshing beer at waterside medieval villages. City lovers will enjoy the rejuvenated city of Berlin, with its eclectic mix of designer shops and historic monuments.

Locaboat Holidays Canal Boat Rent - Furstenberg, Ketzin & Untergohren
Take a trip to the great lakes of Mecklenburg with your Pénichette: This very natural region offers you many possibilities for a swim and is a fishing paradise.Select on the map below your base of departure from which you want to start your trip with the Pénichette. You will receive practical information to organise your boating holiday in the region of Mecklenburg starting from our bases in Fürstenberg and Untergöhren.Attention:

Boating Holidays with the Pénichette in Brandenburg gives you the chance to discover the highlights of German waterways: Obere Havel, Plauer See, Müritz, Müritz Elde, Templiner & Ruppiner Gewässer, Finowkanal, Potsdamer Havel, Spree-Oder.Starting your boat trip in Brandenburg is a great opportunity to make a visit in Berlin.Select on the map below your base of departure from which you want to start your trip with the Pénichette. You will receive practical information to organise your boating holiday in the region of Brandenburg starting from our bases in Fürstenberg or Ketzin.

Nicols Canal Boat Rental - Berlin / Lychen, Brandenburg & Lubz , Mecklenburg
Lübz sympathetic small town with its town centre dating back to the middle ages, is a superb starting base to cruise the navigational area Mecklenburg to Brandenburg with 15 000 hectares of forests, 33 lakes covering over 54 km². the disctrict of Lübz enjoys the most beautiful countryside in this region. The river Elde is navigable for 180 km and has only 17 locks. In only 5 hours it is possible to reach Lake Plau one of the largest lakes in the region, on the northern banks there is a nature reserve of 300 hectares, a paradise for those who love the nature and for the ornithologists.If you sail just 60 kilometres, crossing several lakes on the way, you arrive at Schwerin, the county town, where you can explore its famous castle and other equally well-known attractions.

Even though the well-kept little port of Lübz is situated near the town centre, you will find it peaceful ; there is a small store and all necessary washing facilities. The shops are nearby, or you may prefer to savour the markets, typical to the region, which open their stalls in the town on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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