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Canalboat Hire and Houseboat Rental in Belgium & Europe


Le Boat Belgium
Canal boats available for rental from Le Boat from 15 March to 31 October
Bases located at Nieuwpoort & Ghent

4+ Berth
6+ Berth
8+ Berth


France Passion Plaisance Belgium
Canal boats available for rental from 13 April to 28 September 2019
Base located at Eeklo

Canal Boating Holidays in Belgium

Whether you want to enjoy a luxury barge cruise, rent a self-drive boat or experience a mixture of comfort and exercise on a boat & bike tour, it is all possible while drifting through the beautiful landscape of Belgium. Belgium's waterways offer the great advantage that the pleasure of enjoying a boat trip can be combined with sightseeing great historic cities, as well as exploring the rustic countryside.

The Escaut River brings you to Tournai, Bossuit and Ghent or near the coast, the Meuse and Sambre in the south let you visit Namur and Liege and the Willebroek-Charleroi Canals let you experience the Boatlift (lock-gate) of Ronquiere.

Various pleasant and affordable boat trips along Belgium's waterways are departing from easily accessible locations in several cities. Enjoy historic city sights; the countryside; combine a canal trip with a brewery visit or even experience going through a boat lift. If you are planning to visit one of the cities or regions below, a boat trip can certainly be part of your itinerary!

The Northern part of Belgium is Flemish speaking. Waterways are easily navigable, as there are few locks. Most of the canal boat hirers are located around the canals of the province of West-Flanders near the coast and the adjacent waterways of East-Flanders.
Numerous other canals and navigable rivers are located in the other provinces.River and canal cruises in Holland and Belgium offer peaceful, quiet, picturesque scenes. During the spring tulip-blooming season, many of the major cruise companies run river cruises throughout Holland, with the additional attraction of heading upriver down the Rhine to Switzerland.

Many of the canals can be enjoyed on self hire boats, such as those from Boating Holidays and Leboat. Your cruiser can be moored in the marina just across from the main train station in Amsterdam and it's possible to take the little Vecht River from Amsterdam to Utrecht. However, it's not recommended for beginners in self-hire boats to compete with the traffic and huge tugs on the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. Stick with the small stuf

The Southern part of Belgium is French speaking.The waterways have more locks, but scenery makes the effort worthwhile.Possibility to cross the French border.While you're in the south of Holland, a visit to Maastricht is certainly in order. On the river Maas (or Meuse) it's in the hilly area. (Yes, there are hills there, but not too many) It's a neat, walkable, city that has best climate in Holland. It also has the perfect location at the junction of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.