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Canalboat Hire and Houseboat Rental in France & Europe


Locaboat Plaisance France
The full range of Pénichettes are comfortable and easy to handle, and is constantly being improved and updated to satisfy the demands of an international guest. Across Europe there are now 400 Pénichettes. Whether for couples, families or groups of friends there is always a Pénichette to suit your requirements.
With Regions in - France Region Locations: Alsace / Lorraine / Ardennes - Anjou - Brittany - Burgundy / Nivernais / Loire - Perigord / Lot / Baise - Somme / Picardy - South Burgundy / Franche Comte

Flying Bridge

Le Boat France
Canal boats available for rental from Le Boat from 19 March to 22 October
Bases located at Alsace-Lorraine, Aquitaine, Brittany, Burgundy, Camargue, Canal du Nivernais, Charente, Loire Valley, Lot & Canal du Midi

2+ Berth
4+ Berth
6+ Berth
8+ Berth

France Passion Plaisance France
Canal boats available for rental from 16 March to 10 November
Bases located at: Coulanges S/ Yonne, Chatillon en Bazois, Digoin, Pontailler sur Saone, Louhans and Tonnerre , Agde, Damazan, Carcassonne, Carnon, Colombiers and Homps, Cahors, Cognac, Damazan, Luzech and Penne d'Agenais , Daon , Angers, Le Mans, Chenille-Change, Chateauneuf-sur-Sarthe & Redon, Dinant, Hochfelden and Pont a Bar

4+ Berth
7+ Berth
8+ Berth

Nicols - France  
With Bases in - Alsace, Anjou, Aquitaine / Lot, Brittany, Burgundy, Camargue, Charente, Franche Comte / Doubs, Midi, Loire Valley / Nivernais & Saone Valley.

Grand Confort

Waterways In France

The Burgundy Canal (with its 189 locks) connects the valley of the Yonne River to the plains of the Saône, cutting a 150 mi. (242 km) path through the meadows and hills of Tonnerrois, Auxois and the lush valley of Ouche. Noteworthy historic locations abound along this meandering route, promising a memorable and pleasant cruise. A handful of barge operators offer their intimate cruise boats (known as pénichettes) for rental along the stretch between Dijon and Laroche Migennes.

Spectacularly beautiful, this cultural and gastronomic region in the heart of France is perfect for a tranquil boating holiday allowing you to discover the natural beauty of unspoilt countryside.The landscape of the Franche-Comté region of Burgundy is rich with natural beauty; pine forests, waterfalls and mountain scenery sit alongside rolling pastures, meadows of flowers and fields of wheat.

Canal du Midi
The Canal du Midi is an impressive achievement in the history of civil engineering, harmonizing with the landscape while mixing utilitarian function with aesthetic appeal. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the canal is still in operation, today mainly carrying barge traffic. In addition to its commercial use, the Canal is extremely popular for its tourist cruises on specially converted barges.

The Loire has an irregular flow and is subject to sudden floods. Much of the river is lined by levees. Formerly, commercial navigation along the Loire and the canals that connect it with the Rhône and Seine river systems was very important to the prosperity of the surrounding region. Today, however, the valley of the Loire is famous for its châteaux, especially those of Chambord, Chenonceaux, Amboise, Azay-le-Rideau, and Chinon.

located in northern France, rises in the Plateau de Langres and arcs northwest over a winding course of 326 mi. (525 km) to join the Seine River at Charenton-le-Pont, an eastern suburb of Paris. Navigable for more than 220 mi. (354 km), the Marne is connected by canals with the Aisne, Rhine, and Saône rivers.

the Rhine with other river systems are the Rhine-Rhône Canal, 217 mi. (349 km) long (built 1784-1833, now unimportant), connecting with the Rhône River through the Saône River; the Rhine-Marne Canal, 195 mi. (314 km) long (built 1841-52); the Dortmund-Ems Canal, 165 mi. (266 km) long (built 1892-99), and the Rhine-Herne Canal, 24 mi. (39 km) long (built 1907-14), connecting the Rhine with the West German port of Emden. The Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, opened in 1992, links waterway systems between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

Visit Some of France Beautiful Regions

Alsace-Lorraine, Anjou, Aquitaine, Ardennes, Brittany, Burgundy Loire, Burgundy Nivernais, Camargue, Franche-Comte, Lot, Midi, Somme-Picardy & Southern Burgundy 
Discover the canal du Midi, canal of Burgundy, the Nivernais, the river Lot or Baise, Britanny, Alsace or the Bay of Somme. Boating Holidays are the most original way to discover the most beautiful countries of France. The Pénichette® is an excellent way to access cities and towns like Carcasssonne, Auxerre or Aigues-Mortes where you will always find markets and restaurantss full of life!

Camargue - A perfect destination for Beginners to enjoy a wonderful boating holiday. The Camargue has something for everyone, swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean at nearby seaside resorts, enjoy the amazing wildlife including over 400 species of birds that the Camargue provides habitats for, or enjoy the ancient fishing ports of Aigues Mortes and Sète.

Alsace Lorraine - The tiny French region of Alsace, and neighbouring Saarland in Germany, is as wonderful as the art and architecture of its cities. Framed by the pine trees of the Black Forest and the blue-tinted Vosges mountains, this culturally unique region has a distinctly cosmopolitan feel and offers superb cruising to suit all tastes.

Aquitaine - Cruise through the beautiful Garonne valley on the River Baïse and the Canal latéral à la Garonne from our bases at Le Mas d’Agenais or Montauban, newly opened for 2009. Discover ancient Bastide towns, medieval market squares and magnificent châteaux set amid a landscape of cornfields, orchards and vine-clad hillsides

Brittany - Perfect for beginners, Brittany's network of Napoleonic and flower adorned castles are a delight to navigate by boat or by bike.Brittany’s network of flower-adorned Napoleonic canals and locks meander through a peaceful landscape of woodland and pastures dotted with medieval towns and fairytale castles.

Charente - The Charente is one of France’s most beautiful rivers. Its crystal clear waters are perfect for fishing and swimming and its pretty river banks are home to an abundance of flora and fauna. Meadows of grazing cattle and fields of vibrant sunflowers typify this peaceful land famed for its magnificent cognac distilleries, ancient Roman sites and beautiful Renaissance châteaux.

Canal de Briare, Montbouy
Begin a wise adventure: discover a region and its inhabitants while piloting a real, licence-free boat. Your journey will start at a speed of 6 to 8 km/ hour and it will be punctuated by the crossing of picturesque canal locks. In the evenings, you'll stop far from all rumours, in green landscapes or small villages. Boredom never boards any riverboat, as navigating the canals changes life's rhythm and provides a new, unusual vision of sceneries. This family rental agency established for 20 years and its team will be pleased to welcome you from March's end towards the beginning of November to make you discover one of France's most beautiful canals and help you spend agreeable vacations in family or with friends. Other boat clubs are at your disposal in Rogny, Brienon sur Armançon and Sermoise.