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Canalboat Hire and Houseboat Rental in Spain & Europe
canal boat rental and houseboat barge hire on canals and rivers in France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Tchech Republic, Belgium, self drive and permit free barging.

Ebro Boat Hire
Ebro Boat Hire, Fishing The River Ebro in Genistar, Tarragona, Spain


Spain Waterways

In the Catalan region, south of the city of Barcelona, runs the River Ebro to the Mediterranean Sea offering 80 kilometers of navigable waterways without any lock.

The River Ebro has the greatest discharge of any Iberian river, and is the longest in Spain, and second only to the Tajo ( Tagus, in thoery, in English) in Iberia . Its importance is reflected in the name of Peninsula, which almost certainly comes from the river, first known as the Iber and Iberus and Ebro, and not the other way around. It was first used in the 6th century BC by a Greek author in reference to the Iberians, or the people who lived along the Iberus ( Ebro ) river. Ultimately the word may well derive from the Basque words ibai (river) and ibar (valley), and these from ur meaning water. Linguists have noted similarities with the names of 200 other European rivers and streams (e.g. Ibar in Serbia, Ebrach and several Eberbach in Germany, Irwell in The UK) giving a tantalising clue as to a form of Basque being once spoken throughout Europe before the arrival of Indo-European tribes and languages.

The north bank of the river is fed first by the rivers of the Cordillera Cantábrica and then by those of the Pyrenees, including the Aragón, Gállego and Cinca-Segre, and to the south generally with a lower discharge, by tributaries from the Sistema Ibérico, including the Oja, Iregua, Jalón and Guadalope. Consequently, the Ebro can be said to drain much of the southern Pyrenees and the northern Sistema Ibérico. Although the climate at its source is Atlantic, most of the Ebro 's journey is accompanied by a continental climate with low rainfall, scorching summers and cold, dry winters.. This is particularly the case of the arid expanses of central Aragon isolated by oceanic influences, particularly in a triangle formed between Zaragoza, Alcañiz and Lleida. From here it moves into Mediterranean climes proper.