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Newbies to Canal Boats
Travel Resources

Useful Newbie Canalboat & Narrowboat Resources
for the UK / United Kingdom & Europe

Please see below useful resources for those who are new to Canal & Narrowboat Boating Holidays.

In English

Boating Holidays
- Virtual Canals (by Claymoore Navigation)
- Virtual tours on French canals (by Charmes Nautiques)

Type of Boats
- Introducing the types of leisure boats (by Jim Shead)
- Life on board (by Charmes Nautiques)

An interactive guide to passing a lock (by James Pascoe) : a must see !

UK Waterways
- Steve's Canal Pages for people new to UK Narrowboating
- Virtual Canals (by Claymoore Navigation)
- Introducing canal boating (by Jim Shead)
- Introducing the waterways system (by Jim Shead)
- Introducing canal history (by Jim Shead)
- Introducing route planning (By Jim Shead)
- FAQ postings to UK newsgroup

Barging and Hotel Boats
- FAQ about barging & hotel boats


En Francais

- Balades virtuelles sur canaux et rivières du Loiret et du Nivernais  (F)
- La vie à bord (by Charmes nautiques)   (F)


Auf Deutsch

- Algemeine Einführung (by Kanalboot.de)  (D)
- Praktische Tips (by Kanalboot.de)  (D)
- Tips zur Botsauswahl (by Kanalboot.de)  (D)
- Schleusen (by Kanalboot.de)  (D)